Monday, 8 July 2013

Task 2, Done on 09/07/13

Big Idea : Sustainability

Defining 'Sustainability'

Sustainability is anything that we need to survive well in an environment. It is important as these key items strengthen and support the system. However, sustainability in a school setting often means adopting practices that reduce the school’s use of natural resources and its impact on climate change, reducing the use of chemicals and other products that are created through harmful manufacturing processes and providing a healthy environment for students.

Essential questions :

1] Is there a sufficient number of rubbish bins around the school?

2] What are the students doing to save electricity?

3] What has the school planned to promote recycling?

4] Can we do something to reduce the number of waste in SST?

5] Can SST be self reliant in terms of electricity and qualify to be a more eco-friendly building?

6] How can the school reduce electricity by changing the light bulbs?

7] Should the school install solar energy to power itself? What if it rains the whole day?

8] How do we save water  by not using expensive products

9] Should we collect rain water and what are the benefits?

10] How do we make the classroom cool without using the air conditioner?

11] How can we encourage recycling?

Chosen Question: 5