Discussion of Findings

Majority of the students support eco-friendliness except for a meager 3%. One reason for this 3% to exist is because they might believe that eco-friendly products may generally contain toxic compounds which may be also the reason why it is so efficient. The belief of toxicity present is an exaggeration, if not it is an outright lie! They may also not see the point in being eco-friendly when we are still continuing to consume the raw materials from Mother Earth.

Only 6% of the people surveyed do not have a habit of turning off the lights and fans when they are not in use, the other 94% do. Having this habit is very good as it reduces the consumption of electricity. Non-renewable fossil fuels are used in the main production of electricity. By turning off the lights and fans, we can lessen the use of these fossil fuels and reduce their impact on the environment.

More than 93% of people know about features that conserve electricity. This shows that nowadays, many places make use of such features, even SST. Although SST does make use of features that conserve electricity and 100% of the people surveyed do support having these features, the only feature that conserves electricity in SST is the solar panels at the roof top. 6% of people surveyed do not think that having such features would make a big difference in the conservation of electricity so maybe having solar panels is already enough for them, but what about the other 94%? Just having solar panels might not make a big difference for the conservation of electricity in SST to them, so why doesn't the school have more features that conserve electricity? That is probably because these features are a lot more expensive than normal products, sometimes these products also do not last as long. For example, fluorescent light bulbs are a potential hazard if they are broken because of the mercury they contain, that is probably why normal light bulbs are used in SST.

Yet again, 3% of people do not think that SST should promote the act of saving electricity, probably because they think that the only way to do so is by having those electricity saving features but they are wrong. Consumption of energy can be easily reduced simply by turning off the lights and fans and doing other small things. This is why we are researching on this topic because we want people to understand the importance and how easy it is to save electricity.

After having said this much, a shocking 28% of people do not encourage their friends to save electricity! Maybe because they think that by doing that it is just pointless, that their friends would not even listen to them. We now have to change their mentality!

Only 78% of the people believe that SST can be self-reliant in terms of electricity and qualify to be an eco-friendly building. This means that we must be able to convince the remaining percentage of the people that we are able to and we can transform SST into a more eco-friendly environment! I feel that this is possible in the near future. I believe we can show and prove it to the remaining 22% of the people than SST in fact, can be self reliant in electricity and become eco-friendlier!


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