Obstacles Faced and Ways to Overcome the Problems

Obstacles and problems faced:
  • The installation of eco-friendly features is very costly. Plus, if it creates a lot of noise, it is negative towards the student's study environment.
  • If the students use fans instead of air-con, the classroom will become very hot and humid, which makes the classroom a bad learning environment.
  • The school might not see the need of saving electricity and not pay attention to the problem that we are facing.
  • The eco-friendly appliances might have some risks and people will be hesitant to use it. 
  • The eco-friendly features might make the building even more uglier.
  • Some eco-friendly appliances and features might be too expensive.
How we can overcome those problems:
  • We can start a charity, asking people to donate, saying that the money would be put to good use.
  • We can grow plants around the classroom and open up the windows. Plants photosynthesise and when they are exposed to light. Also, the plants provide moisture for us, reducing the need to use the air-con and sometimes, the fan. The plants can also block dirt from entering the class, making the air fresher.
  • The school can dedicate a day where it is an eco-friendly day and everyone can save electricity by doing the following activities:
- Generate electricity for the school by the Power Cycle (bicycle with a dynamo to generate electricity)- Water wheel generator activity 
- Where we can pour water onto a turbine which converts it’s kinetic energy into electricity.

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