Research Justification


Research Topic: Can SST be self reliant in terms of electricity and qualify to be a more eco-friendly building?

Chosen Area of Focus: Ways on making our school more eco-friendly

  1. Framing our research topic
Our chosen area of focus is “Ways on making SST more eco-friendly”. We have chosen this topic as most of us take our environment for granted, thinking that we don’t need to treasure it. Therefore, some students will take the chance to pollute our clean and hygienic environment. For example, there was a period of time when there was a lot of litter in the canteen as students were too lazy to clean up after themselves. This topic educates us on how we can further improve our schooling environment, making it more conducive to study and play in. We also can play a part in ‘saving’ the earth. Because in order to sustain the Earth, we have to start small, so we should start from sustaining our school.

  1. “Think global, start local.” In order to promote global interests, we thought small as mentioned. Students might have a lack of motivation as most people need a push to start them off. This might just spark their interest to further explore in the topic.
  2. With the prediction of the world population going to hit 9 billion by 2050, how can we be able to sustain natural resources in the world? Humans have affected and altered the Earth’s ecosystem by destroying some natural processes to satisfy our curiosity. (i.e. Water cycle, Phosphorus cycle)  Being the ones who started it, we now have to figure out a way on how to put everything back into place where it was a millenium ago. Mother Nature, filled with greenery and living things again.
  3. Sustainable development, as quoted from an organization, is “development that meets the needs of the present while safeguarding the Earth’s life-support system, on which the welfare of current and future generations depends.”

2. Reasons for choice of topic
  1. We have chosen this topic, as we want to find out more about how electricity can be made sustained in our school.
  2. This allows us to fulfil the requirements of the project task as the project task looks at sustaining electricity from a good and bad point of view, which is also what we will be doing.
  3. This topic benefits us as our school can play a part in saving the electricity bills and sustaining our school.
  4. Being a school that excessively makes use of technology compared to other schools, electricity wastage is a huge issue in SST so solving it would benefit both the school and the economy

3. Feasibility of the research
  1. There is a need for our research because being in a school of “science and technology”, many students take advantage of the source of electricity in our school and end up wasting a lot of electricity. Doing further research on this topic would let students know how to prevent the excessive use of electricity in the school.
  2. It is possible to carry out the project because we can easily survey some of the students in SST and being in a place like Singapore, we can also visit the marina barrage or city square mall for primary research.
  3. The proposed course of action is logical and realistic as it can be completed with the help of some students who would be willing to do a survey and with our hardwork and group effort.
  4. The research provides sufficient opportunity for generation of ideas, as we will constantly have to think of ways to do certain things in the project. As for analysis and evaluation of ideas, we will certainly have many opportunities to analyse information and evaluate ideas on how to go about deciding what to do next. The possibilities to solve this economic crisis are endless.
4. Manageability of the research

  1. Firstly, everybody should do their part and not slack. Like for example, we contact each other through social networking sites, and arrange to do it on one day, and make sure everyone turns up. If they don’t we will either message them or email. If they still don’t do and we have given them chances, we will let the teacher handle the situation.
  2. We will manage the research by dividing the workload evenly amongst ourselves, as well as ensuring smooth communication between everyone by checking and reflecting every now and then.
  3. This research provides sufficient opportunity for group work as we will need to discuss a lot of matters regarding the project, for example who will be assigned to do what component of the project and we will have to work together.
  4. We do anticipate some difficulties along the way, such as poor communication among the group members and lack of data. We intend to cope with these difficulties by trying to get the group to go and upload their findings and their part of the project onto the blog constantly to show our learning progress and thinking.

5. Accessibility of the information required
Apparently, many of us will think that information can be easily obtained from Google/ Wikipedia. However, there will be copyright issues, so we have to take a little bit of information from the websites and combine them together to form an entirely new piece of information that you can safely use.

  1. Information/knowledge that will be relevant to our research would be the amount of time people usually spend on social networking websites on average each day.
  2. We will be obtaining this information from primary and secondary sources, depending on which one gives more reliable and useful information.
  3. Some alternatives that we have thought of would be to ask others for information or where can we find the information that we need.
  4. Some problems we anticipate while gathering my materials would be that the information that we can find is not entirely relevant to our project and that that is already the closest piece of information among all others that we have found.
  5. Getting data from the school might be problem as the OM might not want to give us the authority.


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